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VIDEO: ROOM REFRESH! (Quarantine Edition)

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Ok. It's April, 2020. We've all been hanging in the same living room (quite a bit) for the past month and probably ready for a change. Oh, wait. We can't leave the house and we can't really shop for anything because Coronavirus has left many of us unemployed and not in the position to spend some cash on a bloody room makeover (of all things!)... What can we do? It turns out, a lot! In one day, we found some remnant paint hanging out in the basement (I realize this is not the case for most, but you know who you are—you've got some paint hanging out in storage...) rearranged a few plants and some furniture, changed up a decorative piece of art and voila! The room is new again!

Enjoy our little Saturday exploit and hopefully it will inspire you to make some changes to your crib! Stay well and stay home!

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