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The Founder


Jamie is a certified Interior Designer and founder of Juniper House. Her life-long love of and obsession with interiors and all things home drives her passion to help others bring their dreams to life.


Her partnership with husband Drury Bynum has been a twenty year journey down a fulfilling, creative entrepreneurial path in design, filmmaking, and now interiors. Their collaboration allows them to not only work together but to bring their unique strengths to each project with thoughtful innovation and fun.

Drury Bynum has an MFA in Painting and is an award winning Director and Filmmaker. His first love is drawing and painting and he leads our fine art and decorative wall installation as well and serves as Content Director.

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The Vision

Our work is inspired by the world around us. Not just big sweeping trips abroad, but also right outside our door. We made Baltimore our home in our 20’s and both fell in love with the old European style architecture, the craggy brick streets, the patina of age that feels timeless. Nature plays a big part in our design and we love to incorporate color and texture from the Mid-Atlantic bounty that surrounds us. 


A genuine love of ‘the hunt’ for the perfect piece, a spirit of generosity, and a skillful craft of weaving thoughtful layers of high, low, old and new, is our signature. We approach each design project with a deep love of home and we're committed to creating spaces that are functional and beautiful. 

2023-05 Jamie   Drury Mag-42.jpg

The Mission

Our goal is to transform spaces that transform lives. As artists and creatives (but humans first!) we value smart design, approachable style and elevated everyday living in order to create spaces that are truly meant

for life—your best life.


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