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Project: Charles Village Makeover

Updated: Jun 20

We just completed this super sweet kitchen makeover project for a very special person and we are in love! When the client approached me about re-doing her kitchen, she said, 'Jam, it's time. I'm ready.' She had put over twenty years into this house and is a very active person with multiple degrees/jobs in nutrition and massage therapy and a lot of serious side interests—musician, athlete, etc., so when I say she's busy, this lady is busy! She needed this kitchen to work for her and at its current state, it was not.

The Before:

The years of cooking and living had taken their toll on this kitchen and it had a good life, but she was ready to lighten and brighten. The dark brick walls and the dark, dingy cabinets needed a refresh. With budget in mind, we opted to keep the existing wood cabinets and clean and paint them. The current flooring was a large format tile that was very slick (note to everyone. Choose your kitchen tile wisely. Kitchens are greasy places and this tile was like a sheet of ice!) and because the subfloor was not level, it was cracking. We had the floor completely demo'd and had the subfloor leveled and replaced. She had an LPV in the adjacent powder room, so we chose to match it. We decided to lean into the rustic vibe that the kitchen was giving and bring these cabinets and brick back to life. The client loves to cook, loves all things French, but also loves clean, modern lines, so I wanted to create something that felt a little French provincial, but balanced with modern touches.

Here's the mood board:

Our key words for this project were INDUSTRIAL, FRESH, TIMELESS, FRENCH, OLD WORLD, SCIENCE.

What it feels like: One part turn-of-the-century science lab, one part old world kitchen. This is a well loved space where magic things happen. It feels like it’s been there forever but made for today. So, moving forward with those key words, we set out to create a little jewel of a kitchen.

Here's the plan:

This was definitely a labor of love, and now we adore this little kitchen! The beams on the ceiling were always there, but the ceiling was so yellow'd and dingy they got lost. We added recessed lighting and an oversized pendant and it really made the space pop.

The After

The old refrigerator was so big and bulky and didn't have a home, so we swapped it out for a counter depth fridge and built a custom cabinet around it. So much function but also form!

I know it seems counter-intuitive, but I LOVE a vintage rug in the kitchen. Vintage rugs look better with wear and age and you can find them at a reasonable price. Vac it when it gets dirty and get it pro cleaned every now and then.

The island is on casters so she can move it off the side and use it as a table or keep it as an island when she's cooking.

We went with a budget friendly butcherblock countertop and created a beautiful surround backsplash which spilled into the window. It's now gorgeous, warm and inviting.

After testing a few colors, my client found the perfect green/gray cabinet color; Oyster Bay from Sherwin Williams. We even added a new garbage drawer next to the dishwasher and was able to replicate the cabinet door. We white washed the brick with Ben Moore's Alabaster.

What the client really wanted from this shelf unit was an accessible but hidden space for her Berky water filter system, a microwave and laundry baskets for dishtowels. This solution worked out brilliantly!

We love it, but most importantly, the client loves it and loves being in her new kitchen. This is why we do this!

Juniper House is a full service interior design studio helping clients realize their dream space. Contact us if you want us to help create your dream!


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