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Video: The Mile High Bloody Mary

Updated: Jun 20

This blasted Coronavirus Quarantine BS has really tried its best to squash any joy we as a society have left in life right now, BUT from what I'm seeing on social media—for the most part—WE JUST WON'T LET IT. We see families dancing together, moms and dads cooking, hiking, and teaching their hearts out, co-workers still co-working from home and friends virtually happy hour-ing without skipping a beat. It's clear, the message we are all trying to cling to now is—Life. Must. Go. On.

This is not to make light of the first responders and those brave humans on the frontlines of this crisis in the least. We honor you, we celebrate you and we are so appreciative to have you fighting for us daily. That being said, we were bad at science, good at art, so here we are. Stuck in our house with only a couple of cameras and our creativity left to make the days go by and feel we are somehow contributing in a positive way.

So this is what we're doing in our quarantine. We are making the best of it and doing what we can to share our How To's. No better time than now to dig deep and get creative at home. Who knows what will come out of all this, but we hope it's a continued path to making, creating, and inspiring others to also make and create—in the home. That being said, with the weekend coming up, we wanted to remind everyone that brunch is still a thing. You can make brunch in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the best morning-ish cocktail ever invented, The Bloody Mary.

Our version is the The Mile High Mary, inspired by many flights made better with a bloody. The airplane Bloody Mary is so good and we figured out why:

1) You’ve got to start with a smaller glass (pint glasses just give you way to much mix)

2) Keep it loose and simple by adding only lemon juice and Tabasco. Chunky style bloodies are kinda gross.

3) You can do what you want, but we recommend Titos and Zing Zang—trust us, we’ve had our share and this combo is just the best.


2 jiggers (3 oz) Vodka

1/2 lemon squeezed

A few drops Tabasco

A drop or two Hell Fire Bitters (optional)

Fill glass half way with Bloody Mary mix, stir

Add ice

Add garnish: Lemon squeeze, Hot peppers, Pickled Okra, Olives, Celery, Whatever strikes your mood!

Top with a shake of Old Bay—'cuz we're Baltimore.


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