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Video! Our Bedroom Makeover is Complete!

Updated: Jun 20

And we love waking up here every day. If you are stuck at home but feeling like you need a getaway, maybe it's time to makeover your bedroom, or your kitchen, or your mantle. Start with one room at a time and the next thing you know, it's 2022 and you can leave the house again!

Have you ever woken up in the morning and looked around your bedroom with the disappointment of a kid on the last day of summer vacay? Well that was me EVERY single morning. UNTIL NOW. It was definitely time to make some changes in our bedroom and I’ll admit, it took way longer than we thought, more work than we anticipated but it was absolutely worth the effort. Our favorite part has got to be the jungle mural! Drury really knocked it out with this AND the new frame for the mirror. Incredible.

Adding plants, curtains and the new sofa/lounge area really gave it some life and created the ‘Explorer’s Refuge’ we were going for. I wanted it to feel like a cool boutique hotel that Mick and Bianca may have stayed on their travels back in the day—a little boho, a little luxurious, a little rock and roll—but super comfortable and creative. We are inspired every morning now! If I knew what a difference this kind of change could have on our lives, we would have done it long ago.


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