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Video: Create a Cozy Corner with Jamie

Updated: Jun 20

We get it. You get it. We are stuck in this old house/apartment/riad/flat—whatever the domicile—indefinitely. Let's make the best of it. For us, 'making the best of it' is carving out new corners and creating magic at home when the love seems lost, and for you that might translate to: remove all dirty clothes from and dust off the Peloton. Move Peloton from prime real estate area of home and move a comfy chair there. Now 'shop' your space and find stuff that you can 'borrow'— like a small table. A little rug. A plant. A few books. Ta da! You've suddenly got a new nook that has infinitely increased the value of your environment because it's NEW and useful. This 'newness' (even if it's just rearranging furniture) is so good for us mentally. The immediacy of buying something new is a dose of serotonin and it's why we shop and shop and buy buy buy, but this rush of immediacy is now lost because of our quarantine (yes! stay home!). In my opinion, it's actually a good thing. It really gives us the opportunity to start consuming more consciously, focus on what we have and bring in only things we love.

Personally, we can definitely use an opportunity to purge a bit and make use of what we've got around the studio and at home, so this 'Cozy Corner' creation was a welcome project. Not only did we make use of a shelf that was not being displayed properly, but we created a whole new seating area that was not there before with existing pieces around the studio. We took this little area by the window and turned it into a cozy corner for reading, tea drinking, meditating or just having an afternoon plop down by some pretty things.

What areas in your space can you reinvent and 'zone' into something new?

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