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The Juniper Manifesto

Updated: Jun 20

We have always wanted our home to be

Filled with art, food, drink, laughter and love, in no particular order.

A house that welcomes friends and feels beautiful but not precious.

Photo by Julie Hove Andersen for Baltimore Magazine

A house that changes with us and with time but remains true to its soul and who we are.

An open door that meets the world through travel and invites back creativity and new ideas that keep us thinking and keep us connected.

A place where the familiar sounds of a perfect moment create a collective symphony of soft music, the patter of little dog feet on a wood floor, the beat of a cocktail shaker, the crackle of a chicken roasting in the oven + someone laughing somewhere...

We strive to

Listen more than we talk.

Breathe into our challenges rather than turn away.

Be better than no one but ourselves yesterday.

Understand with compassion.

Perfect the art of imperfection.

We feel that

Life is better with friends.

Beauty is found everywhere, from the decay of fallen leaves to dark + moody clouds to a thoughtfully crafted sandwich from someone who cares to the sound of breaking crusty bread to the smell of rain on a summer afternoon.

A healthy life is a fluid balance of laughter, love, movement, good food, good drink, restful sleep, satisfying work, a healthy curiosity + the invaluable companionship of people who truly make you laugh.

Home has the wonderful power to positively ground us and set us free with confidence.

Our hope is to carry our manifesto into the world in order to spread joy, light and love to every living being in our orbit. To make the world a little bit more beautiful with thoughtful + meaningful spaces that set our clients up to live their best lives. 🤍

Juniper House is a multi-disciplinary interior design studio focused on crafting spaces with soul. We are driven by our passion for home and our mission to reflect the values and desires of their owners through meaningful design. Please reach out if you'd like to work with us—


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