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Updated: Mar 5

Fall. Is. My. Jam. There I said it. My birthday is in November — right around Thanksgiving — sometimes on Thanksgiving, so I am truly a fall baby and embrace it fully when it arrives. Sweaters, fires, blankets, cozy cozy cozy. Right now, these things are giving me life and letting me live my best fall everrrr!

It's soft, it's warm, it's got fringe—what's not to love? I wear white denim all year round, so it goes nicely with whites but also looks so good with my blues. It's the perfect sweater to wear on the beach, around the house, to the market and by the fire. Tip: It runs a bit big, so size down!

I knew the moment I laid eyes on these that I would love them and I pretty much have not taken them off since. They are cozy and comfy without feeling totally like a frumpy house slipper. I wear them out in the world but I guess you could just dedicate them to house shoes (but why?) So cute with jeans and leggings and basically everything.

Trader Joe's Pillar Candles

I love that TJ's has seasonally revolving stuff that makes you long for it when it's gone! I realized a few years ago that they don't actually sell these candles all the time ONLY DURING THE FALL AND WINTER. Then they're gone—as if we just suddenly stop lighting candles after Christmas? Whenever I make a TJ run I buy these in bulk because more than I love candles, I love cheap (good quality) candles. These burn evenly, give off a beautiful glow and in the darkest and coldest months, keep my chilly heart warm (lol).

It's not really called a 'mushroom lamp' (her name is Dejsa!) but look at it! I love this lamp! I love lamps!! I really do. This one is such a steal and looks chic and expensive in any space. I love putting a modern lamp in a classic setting and throwing things off a bit. It comes with its own bulb and I (of course) added a dimmer. This accent lamp is the thing your room needs to set the mood. You won't be reading by it. It's not a task light. Make this baby dim and sexy and it will make you sexy.

Because nothing says fall like a little herb and a little spice. I don't know about you, but I live with a guy who can't handle most scented candles. Can you imagine how annoying that is for ME?? I can burn this dude all day though and get zero complaints. It's fresh, it's green, it's got a hint of spice and it's just about perfect for right now and basically always. Great price too...

First, take away all/any pillows on the sofa that aren't bringing you joy. Next, Take away any pillows that scream 'SUMMER!' Next, add a couple of olive green Sanela pillows from IKEA and and bam! you've got a fall sofa. You're welcome. TIP: I like to fill all of my throw pillows with down inserts. They add an affordable touch of luxury and comfort you never knew you were missing.

That's it for now! Much more soon...

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