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Updated: Mar 5

We love plants. We love Instagram. But we LOVE a #plantstagram and our bud Hilton Carter (IG: @HiltonCarter) does it best. Seriously, if you love plants and stylish interiors and haven't started following Hilton's IG by now, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

When Hilton began his plant journey he started with one giant fiddle leaf fig and named it Frank. What's so amazing about this story is that most people who begin their plant journey with a fiddle, don't make it too far...fiddles are known to be fickle and NOT the easiest to keep alive much less thriving—which tells you a lot about Hilton. He loved this plant so much he wanted to learn how to really take care of it. Frank has been in his life for nearly a decade now and his plant collection has amassed the hundreds in his 1100 sqft Baltimore loft. The premiere video, My Journey in Greenery is a trailer for his latest book Wild Interiors. In it, we hear Hilton reading an excerpt from the book describing how his journey began leading up to this second book. It's an inspiring story from an inspiring dude. As filmmakers and interior designers, this project was a perfect storm for us!

You easily can see why we were super excited to partner with Hilton on this video series collaboration. It's also been fun to create concepts and ways to DIY plant styling at home. There will be more to come in this series. Here's a couple of shelfie-style vids to get you started...

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