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Cubhill Modern Cottage / Family Room

Our style was influenced by the clients newly redone, light & bright cottage exterior, her love of mid-century modern style as well as her dream of having a relaxed, classic, east coast beach cottage. As recent empty-nesters, this new incarnation of their home consists only of new pieces they love, current possessions they absolutely cherish and an elevated sense of their own personal style. Our goal was to create a warm, welcoming and beautiful space for this next stage of their lives. Our plan involved updating the kitchen entirely, adding new flooring, furnishings, and wall color throughout the first floor and transforming the family room into a space that is more inviting and comfortable. We worked with Apex Builders Group to make this vision come to life.

Cubhill Modern Cottage - 1 of 1.jpeg
Cubhill Modern Cottage - 3 of 3.jpeg
Cubhill Modern Cottage - 2 of 3.jpeg
Cubhill Modern Cottage - 1 of 3.jpeg
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