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The Hunt: Rehoboth Shops Edition

Updated: Jun 20

I have to admit, before our recent beach house project, I didn't know Rehoboth very well in terms of shopping. I mean, I knew the cute boutiques close to the beach, but not ever having worked there, I never had a need to hit the shops for home stuff. This past year was a different story! I had to become very familiar with the territory and I scoured every nook and cranny of Rehoboth, Dewey and Lewes.

One of the objectives of this project was that it needed to be completed by Memorial Day of this year so I only had a little over three months to get this house in shape and being based in Baltimore, we would need to plan short visits to work on the house every few weeks and basically install as we go, so it was pretty crucial that I found things on the ground and immediately. Another bonus to shopping local (beside the obvious positive impact on the local economy) is that Delaware is a tax free shopping state and this alone saved my client hundreds of dollars in sales tax. Which meant it was also important to have as much shipped to the beach house as possible. Every bit counts!

We knew going in that we were going to spurge on some things (bigger furniture items like sofas, coffee table, dining chairs, etc) and save on others (decorative items, pillows etc) so I let the entire canvas of Rehoboth be my playground. No time to be a shopping snob when the clock is ticking. My shopping mantra is let no stone go unturned and find the diamond in the rough! That being said, here's my list of the best places to find home stuff if you need it right now. Rehoboth style.

830 Kings Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958

During my first mad shopping dash I went the Brush Factory so much it was a little embarrassing, but I couldn't help myself. This place is GREAT. Several stalls with different vendors with a mixed bag of new and vintage, maker goods, art and furniture. There's even a fresh market with local produce and plants. It was here I found our amazing media cabinet for the upstairs tv area and our vintage rug for the nook.

Legit farmers market and plant shop.

I actually liked this mirror. #accidentalselfie 🤩

Hey hottie! You're coming home with me!

Look at the bounty.

Hey Ms. Vase! You're also making the cut!

48 Wilmington Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE

With a prime location a few blocks from the beach, I would consider Hunt & Lane the 'cool kid' among the other seaside shops with the usual shell-centric fodder and the well heeled 'establishment' of traditional antiques. Inspired by their travels to Bali, they carry furniture and objects with a global feel. They even have a half pipe in there if you're so inclined... A bit of refined tiki/tropical, a splash of surf shack and a hit of street style—Hunt & Lane's dialed in collection definitely has a vibe. It's here I found our chandelier and dining chairs!

We found our chandelier!

And our amazing dining chairs!

Here they are! Instant gratification!

110 Rehoboth Ave #4, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Typically I would always pop into this perfect little boutique for something cute to wear to Henlopen Oyster, but this go round I stopped in to see what kind of home stuff they had. I didn't actually find anything for the house, but WOW! I was so inspired by the merchandising and the goods, I can't not include them on this must-go list. Every season they change it up and they never fail to take it up another level. The cash wrap was covered in the most amazing wallpaper I had to ask about it. I found out it was Philip Jeffries and I didn't know it then, but it would soon become the inspiration for our upstairs bar at the beach house (that's Pt. 2, coming soon!). Coral Cove has an incredible selection of beautiful books, candles, decorative dishes and art among the stacks of Daydreamer tees and colorful Farm Rio jumpers and fine jewelry. If you love a good old fashioned gorgeous boutique with the friendliest staff, this shop is for you.

That wallpaper tho and she was so nice!

Such good art among the racks!

I mean... So good.

Always a pleasure.

33 Baltimore Ave, Rehoboth

I had zero expectations going into this little shop in terms of inventory, but it's in the heart of Rehoboth on a sweet little street, so I was in the least expecting inflated prices and possibly a shell glued on to something (sorry Rehoboth, but it's true!). I was so pleasantly surprised to see a tight assortment (when I say tight, you should see how much stuff is artfully and skillfully styled in this tiny space!) of interesting objects and furniture perfect for a modern beach house. Namely, I scored the slatted hutch I found for the dining room and bonus, when I walked in, the wonderful owners said 'you missed the sale yesterday, but we'll honor it today!' Music to my ears. So I walked away with a brilliant piece that made the space and a low jute pouf perfect for the living room, at reduced cost. If you get a chance, go to this shop and buy something. You can't lose. The owners are so nice and their passion for what they do is evident. It reminded me of my days owning a small boutique with my bestie— I know how hard that is!

Courtesy of @the_scene_shop IG

Poufs for days! I got that little jute one on the bottom. (Courtesy of @the_scene_shop IG)

Courtesy of @the_scene_shop IG

Courtesy of @the_scene_shop IG

The winner! Love love love this perfect piece for the dining room and there's the pouf next to it.

Here it is, in its new home! Perfect!

419 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth Beach

I read about Jess Weeth on Business of Home and ironically it was her story that inspired me to continue pursuing interiors and take the course at The Interior Design Institute. Her shop, right on Rehoboth Avenue, has always piqued my interest, but now I had to take a look. Her style and taste is impeccable and her shop is the perfect showroom for her interior business and you can just tell what she does is very special. I got the chance on a random day to meet her at the shop and I admit I was fighting the urge to fan girl but she was so open to chatting and just a really delightful human. The shop is gorgeous and I found some sweet small bowls and candle holders for the dining room. If you have the chance, go. Prices are incredibly reasonable and the style is so approachable, but elevated. Just lovely.



It's all just gorgeous.

720 Kings Highway, Lewes

Although I didn't find what I needed for this particular project, I cannot write about retail shopping in Rehoboth without mentioning The Station on Kings. This time around I popped in to see what they had—beautiful kitchen things, bowls, dishes, candles, cookbooks, cheeses—all so lovingly merchandized alongside a glorious pastry case, everything whispering 'buy me'... Tempted to snag something for myself, (but do I really need another tiny bowl?) I manage to walk out with only lunch—this breathtaking place was the perfect shopping break for the most amazing veggie sandwich of my life (not kidding. the bread! So good!) and iced coffee. The cafe is definitely worth a visit or three and the garden center is insane. The food is fresh and perfect, the service is lovely and the setting makes you want to stay all day. This place is truly magical.

Retail heaven.

1152 Savannah Rd, Lewes

On your way back from Brush Factory and Station on Kings, swing over to this perfectly quaint roadside antique shop. You never know what you'll uncover here and the inventory changes almost daily. I found two vintage paintings and a sculptural piece of driftwood for the beach house that added a great balance for all the shiny and new. I love adding vintage and mixing it up. These pieces really brought that nostalgia that I was longing for when putting this house together. They feel grounded and historic and give the design some street cred. The large seascape found its way to the upstairs powder room. We sanded down the frame to give a more raw look, painted the bathroom walls green and now the powder room has a vibe!

The driftwood in its new home.

I loved this little painting so much.

Snagged this guy. Took him home, sanded the frame.

Here he is in his new home. Love!

19803 Hebron Rd., Rehoboth Beach

I've always hoped for an excuse to browse Ocean Boulevard's showroom, if only for ideas and inspiration... They are housed in a modern farmhouse structure just at the edge of Rehoboth Beach proper. The two floors of light filled, art filled, beautiful, high end furnishings is joy inducing! The owner/designer definitely has a discerning eye and great taste— leaning toward modern, clean beach looks and sometimes over the top art and design. Most items in the showroom are not for immediate sale, but it's worth a look—sometimes they will offer floor pieces at a discount and this time they had a 150 pound, concrete, ombre blue coffee table that caught our eye and the owners loved (via Facetime!). I'm so glad too, because this table really worked. The salesperson I worked with was so helpful. She knew I did not yet have my bearings with Rehoboth and she really gave me some insight on what to hit and where not to waste my time. Rehoboth is like that though, everyone is extremely helpful and friendly!


I wanted to take this home with me.

There's our table!

Here's the table in action!

9. Homegoods, Marshall's + Kirklands

Google map will guide you...

I know these guys are not locally owned, but they do employ locals which in turn supports local economy—and there's nothing like a good bargain on quality stuff. I find these stores to be essential for certain things—baskets, throw pillows and blankets, pottery, fake plants, sheets, towels, frames, art (sometimes!) and dishware. The key with HG or Marshalls and the like, is that I usually stick pretty hard to a core palette (for dishware and textiles) of white, off white, taupe, matte black and wood. When you deviate and try to get cute or fancy, that's where you can go wrong. Stay clear of cutesy prints. Stay clear of things with glitter. Stay clear of seasonal crap. Stay clear of giant clocks. Avoid the candles for the most part. If you buy dish towels, try to find linens and cottons in muted colors. Once you cut all the clutter and noise of all the things that are hard 'no's', it becomes easy breezy shopping. I look at it almost like a flea market (but with new stuff!) because the inventory is constantly changing, daily. You really never know what's going to be on the floor and I find it's best to hit on Tuesdays after lunch.

Pro tip! Kirklands! Who knew? In my research I have come to find they have really great, inexpensive unscented pillar candles (if that's your thing) and they also have some interesting art and rustic vases (at a fraction of the cost). If you are discerning and choose wisely, these shops can really give you those little touches that seem expensive but aren't!

Coffee table from Mexico

Our living room rug! Bargain!

Of the eight billion things in this photo, I see one, maybe two winners...

This art! It ended up in our nook.

This one didn't make the cut but I kinda like it.

This pillow! So cute.

Here's the art up in the nook. Shhh! It's from Homegoods! The cool ceramic lamp is from Kirklands. The basket is also from HG and the stool and pillow are from Target. It all works.

One last note...

I hope, if you get a chance to go 'downy ocean, hon' (as they say in Maryland) that you hit some local shops and support the local retail economy—wherever you are for that matter. I'm not encouraging mindless consumption, but there are ways to source things that are useful and beautiful for the home without just clicking 'buy' on Amazon. I love shopping and seeing and touching things in person—getting a sense of scale and texture. I also love meeting shop owners and the helpful people that cross your path on the journey, so yeah! I want to see local retail thrive and not die. Let's do what we can. Thanks!

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